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About Me

I’m Aisha, creator of the Urban Escapist blog. I live in Baltimore, grew up in the Washington DC area, and my family comes from Germany and Barbados. I’ve always been drawn to diverse people, cultures, languages, and places, as well as writing. I have also dealt with anxiety and depression since childhood, when I suffered from a social anxiety disorder called selective mutism. In my late 20's, when I began to take steps to proactively manage my anxiety and depression, I found that those passions remained a source of happiness and fulfillment -- so I decided to combine them all in a blog.

About the Blog

Urban Escapist is a travel and wellness blog that encourages self-care through travel and local exploration. I want my blog to reflect three themes that are important to me: a sense of freedom and exploration, self-care and mental wellness, and cultural appreciation. These themes run through everything you’ll see on Urban Escapist. 

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places wherever you are and to engage in some self-care! Don’t forget to leave a comment and follow me on social media. You can also sign up using the form to the left to get new posts delivered right to your inbox.

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