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Best Baltimore WiFi Cafes

Best Baltimore WiFi Cafes

If you're easily distracted like me, you know that trying to get work done at just any cafe with free WiFi isn't going to cut it. Call me high maintenance, but I need relatively comfortable seating, music that isn't too loud or familiar, quality food and drink options, and an environment where other customers are focused on their laptops and not rushed by the staff. These aren't all necessarily my favorite cafes, but they are the ones where I've found I'm able to concentrate best and be most productive.

I'm lucky enough to have a job where I can telecommute a few days every week. When I start to feel like a slob working in my pajamas and need a change of scenery, these are my favorite Baltimore cafes to settle in with my laptop. 

Park Café & Coffee Bar

Avocado Mash with Herbed Tofu Toast ($5.50) and Strawberry-Basil Lemonade ($3.75)

Avocado Mash with Herbed Tofu Toast ($5.50) and Strawberry-Basil Lemonade ($3.75)

Park Cafe & Coffee Bar is my most recent great discovery and I've already told all my family and friends about it. Located in the historic Bolton Hill neighborhood (within walking distance to my apartment, so I'm a frequent customer), the cafe opened under the current management in August 2017. Some of my favorite menu items are the avocado mash with herbed tofu toast, great for breakfast or lunch, and the banana ricotta tahini toast for a sweeter option. Both have incredible prices- $5.50 and $4.50. As far as drinks, I'm not much of a coffee person so I can't give my opinion there, but I love their golden tea latte and jalapeño-cucumber lemonade. 

Aside from the great location, delicious and reasonably priced menu items, and comfortable atmosphere with large, open windows, the cafe is Latino and co-woman-owned, making it my new favorite telework spot. 132 McMechen St.

Peace & a Cup of Joe

Peace and a Cup of Joe (pictured) is the most homey of the cafes on this list--in no small part due to the fact that the building is an actual rowhome. The first floor has typical cafe seating, the upstairs is basically a living room with sofas and a fireplace for a cozy feel, and in front of the cafe is a small fenced-in outdoor seating area. If you had a particularly frustrating work day, you can always stay for a drink at happy hour and live music. 713 W Pratt St.

Red Emma's

Red Emma's is a radical bookstore and vegan/vegetarian cafe in the heart of the Station North arts district. Most of my time there has been spent either attending or organizing events around social justice issues. Now that my job gives me the option of telecommuting, it's also where I can get some work done while trying a barbecue seitan burger (my first one and, as a carnivore, surprisingly very good), and grabbing one of the many books on my to-read list before heading out the door. 1225 Cathedral St.

Greenmount Coffee Lab

The Greenmount Coffee Lab is an addition to Red Emma's family of worker-owned cooperatives that opened in 2017. It's located inside the Open Works building, an incubator for local makers. Even though the cafe area is a small space, it's openness and cleanliness allows me to feel as comfortable as possible so I can focus on work. Street parking is also free and plentiful. 1400 Greenmount Ave.


Teavolve is a Baltimore staple, known for it's brunch and as a great Internet cafe and small event venue. It has a massive menu, including a variety of loose leaf teas, and plenty of comfortable seating and electrical outlets. Located in the Harbor East neighborhood, there are plenty of shops and waterfronts around if you need a break from work and you're just steps away from multiple happy hours. The only downside of being in Harbor East is that you will have to pay for street or garage parking, so make sure to keep track of when your meter expires - no one wants to end their workday with a parking ticket. 1401 Aliceanna St.


One of my favorite things about Atwater's in Canton Crossing is how clean it is. I can be a bit of a germaphobe, so when I see bits of food stuck to the wall (*cough* Au Bon Pain) it's pretty much impossible for me to concentrate. Luckily, that's never a problem at Atwater's. I'm also a fan of their food that uses fresh ingredients and the always friendly servers. When the weather is nice the outdoor patio is a peaceful place to sit and people (or car) watch. It's not the cheapest cafe in the world, but when I really want to eat healthy and be productive, Atwater's is at the top of my list. 3601 Boston St.

The Bun Shop

If you like savory pastries, The Bun Shop has plenty of good options. It's not a cafe you would go to for a full meal, but if you're serious about your work this is the place. Whenever I've visited, the majority of customers have their laptops out, earbuds in, and are hard at work. It's a small space and can get crowded at times, but when available, you have the option of couches, cafe tables, or a communal bench table. It's location right in walkable Mt. Vernon is also a plus for when you would rather move around throughout the day than sit in front of your computer for hours on end. 239 W Read St.

Latte and yogurt parfait at Cafe Fili

Latte and yogurt parfait at Cafe Fili

Cafe Fili

Cafe Fili is one of my favorite places to work because of it’s huge windows and clean white tile decor that lets in the sunlight and makes for an open, airy atmosphere. Basically, on a sunny day, it’s the closest you’ll get to feeling like you’re in the Mediterranean even though you’re in Baltimore. 816 Cathedral St.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters

Ceremony Coffee Roasters is a nice option when you know you’re going to be hungry after a few hours of working or want to head to happy hour right afterwards—Mt. Vernon Marketplace is right next door. Even though it has a large, wide-open layout with lots of communal tables, it can fill up quickly so make sure to stake out your spot. 520 Park Ave.

Nancy by SNAC

Nancy by SNAC (Station North Arts Cafe) is a friendly, artsy neighborhood cafe where you will almost certainly be greeted by Kevin, the co-owner. It’s walls are fittingly covered in artwork due to its location in the Station North Arts District and attached to a Maryland Institute College of Art building. This very simple, but stylish cafe is a nice place to work or just meet friends for a casual hangout. 131 W North Ave.

See you out working!

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