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Day Trip: New York City

Day Trip: New York City

Living in Baltimore, New York City is one of the best trips to take for a quick, easy change of scenery for the day or weekend. A friend and I decided to do just that one Sunday. There are so many things to do in NYC, but coincidentally, the themes of the day ended up being makeup and custom items. There were a few stops we knew we wanted to make, including getting custom lipsticks made at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, visiting the Glossier Showroom, and trying a custom Magnum ice cream bar. The rest of the day's activities revolved around those plans and were decided on the spot. (Read about how I used the TripScout app to create an agenda on the go.)

If you only have one day to spend in NYC, check out this rough itinerary for a makeup-filled, bespoke guide to Chelsea and Soho. 

10 am: The bus dropped us off on 34th Street outside the Fashion Institute of Technology in Chelsea. The first thing we did was find brunch close by at Citizens of Chelsea

11:30 am: After brunch, we wandered further into Chelsea, stopping at whichever places caught our interest. We walked through Chelsea Market, which despite my being to NYC many times, I had never visited. As we we walked further south, we passed a store and did a double take when we saw a man laying on what looked like a massage table in the big storefront window. It turned out to be Samsung 837, a "technology playground" where visitors can play with all different kinds of tech gadgets. My friend and I tried out the free, walk-in virtual reality experience.


We then decided to walk the High Line, an elevated linear park and green space, and get a beautiful view of the city below. Since there was a Sephora store close by, we decided to stop in to play with some Fenty Beauty makeup before getting a snack.

Custom Magnum bar in Soho, New York City

2 pm: At the Magnum store in Chelsea, customers can create their own custom ice cream bar. You get your choice of vanilla or chocolate ice cream, dark or milk chocolate, and three toppings. The toppings aren't the usual sprinkles and chocolate chips; I went with dried flower petals, shredded coconut, and orange chocolate candies while my friend opted for chili chocolate flakes, orange sorbet shavings, yogurt pearls, and freeze dried raspberries. As strange as the toppings sound, it turned out to be pretty amazing. The Magnum store is only open through late September, but hopefully it pops up somewhere again in the future.

3 pm: The next stop was the Glossier Showroom in SoHo, so we ordered a Lyft to take us to the next neighborhood. There is no physical Glossier store in the Baltimore/DC area, so my friend wanted to visit the showroom to try out the products in person instead of buying them blindly online. After our second round of playing with makeup, we moisturized our over-swatched hands and left to make sure we didn't miss our appointment at Bite Beauty. 

4 pm: Ever since I was introduced to Bite Beauty, I've loved their lip products and wanted to have custom lipsticks made at their NYC or Toronto Bite Beauty Lip Lab locations. Although an appointment is not required, I called ahead to make one just in case it was too crowded for walk-ins. When you arrive, you have two different options: custom or bespoke. The custom option costs $55 for one lipstick or $80 for two, while the bespoke option costs $150 for two unique shades and a Lip Lab exclusive lip kit. We went with the custom option, which allows you to choose shades from 200 Bite Beauty pigments. The Lip Lab Artist then mixed a few different shades and let us try them on to find exactly what we were looking for. Once I found my two shades, a purple mauve and a blue-red, I chose a finish and essential oil scent for each one.

Finally, we selected the bullet style we wanted and left with our personalized lipsticks. Getting custom lipsticks made was a fun experience, but what's also great about it is that each shade is given a number and recorded so you can repurchase when you run out.

6 pm: After our appointment, we rushed to Hudson Yards to catch the bus home after a long, but great day in Chelsea and SoHo. 

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