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How to Shop Clean Beauty in Washington, DC

How to Shop Clean Beauty in Washington, DC

More and more, consumers are becoming aware of the ingredients in their makeup and skincare products and looking for alternatives that use only non-toxic, organic, or naturally derived ingredients. These days, it's easier to find products that are paraben-free, pthlalate-free, and sulfate-free in big chain stores like Sephora and Target, but there are still plenty of other ingredients that can cause or are associated with health problems. Just to name a few, there's coal tar (a known carcinogen in lotions, hair dyes, soaps, and shampoos), pthlalates (banned from cosmetics in the European Union for their status as endocrine disruptors and carcinogens), and "fragrance" which can contain multiple chemicals without the consumer knowing since federal law doesn't require those ingredients to be listed.

The easiest way to stay away from these ingredients is to shop at stores that only sell non-toxic ingredients and to use the tools developed in response to the rising demand for clean, organic, and/or natural makeup and body products.

Well-Kept Beauty

I recently attended the demo event for one of these new tools, an app called Well-Kept Beauty. Held at the Ivy Wild Beauty boutique off U St. in Washington DC, the event showcased the app which allows users to keep track of the skincare products they're using, how to use them, when the products expire, any ingredient allergies or sensitivities, and which ingredients work best for their skin. It's a convenient way to develop and then keep track of a personalized skincare routine. The app will be available to download in September 2018.

A panel of speakers included Rachel Mulcahy, owner of Ivy Wild Beauty, Sheena Franklin, of Well-Kept Beauty, and Nia El-Amin, a licensed esthetician also with Well-Kept Beauty. The panel discussed everything from the status of federal legislation regulating the ingredients in our products to skincare tips and the challenges and opportunities of the growing clean beauty industry.

Clean beauty panel

Ivy Wild Beauty

Ivy Wild Beauty opened in April 2018 and sells makeup and skincare products from non-toxic beauty brands like Ursa Major, Saint, Alima Pure, Vapour Organic Beauty, Kosås, Odacité, and Ecobrow. It's located in the old Manhattan Laundry building and has a cool downtown vibe with a lot of natural sunlight flowing in so you can make sure to see the makeup you try on in the best light.

I had to try out the Saint Flawless Radiance Skincare Foundation since it's so rare to find a clean beauty brand that sells a liquid foundation with more than sheer to medium-coverage. I bought a bottle and after using it for a month now, I have to say I'm a fan. At the event, Ivy Wild Beauty also held a giveaway for a free Saint lipstick. I was one of the winners and am now convinced that every Saint product is great.

1328 Florida Ave NW, ivywildbeauty.com

Take Care

Take Care opened its Georgetown boutique in August 2017 and sells a mix of organic, natural, and plant-based beauty and wellness products. The boutique has an open, airy feel thanks to the clean and minimal interior design, making it a pleasant and calming shopping experience. The owner, Becky Wadell, is also a great resource for information on clean beauty and will gladly help find the right products for you. I visited to find a new natural deodorant since others hadn't worked well enough. Becky helped me find some options that don't include baking soda as an ingredient (my skin is sensitive to it) and told me about other ingredients that are used in place of baking soda. I left with new products and some tips on ingredients and their purposes.

1338 Wisconsin Ave NW, takecareshopdc.com

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How to Shop Clean Nontoxic Beauty and Makeup
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