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How I Detoxed from Sugar for 10 Days

How I Detoxed from Sugar for 10 Days

During the retreat of a lifetime with Las Morenas de España in Jávea, Spain, I met Sarah Somian, a Madrid-based nutritionist and wellness guru. She led a workshop about healthy breakfast options, a workshop about morning rituals, and a yoga session. When I returned home, I was still inspired by her lifestyle and message and decided to purchase the Deliciously Vibrant 10-Day Sugar Detox E-guide.

What is the 10-day sugar detox?

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For $20, you receive a 79-page PDF file full of information about sugar and its effects, what the detox is meant to achieve, a 10-day meal plan, shopping list, and 40 recipes that will last you for much longer than the 10-day detox itself. It also includes tips on how to be successful at the detox, a self-care guide, and offers access to a Facebook group where you can receive support and encouragement from other detox participants. 

I already knew about many of the negative effects of processed sugar, including lack of energy after an initial high, premature aging, damage to the teeth, and its highly addictive nature, not to mention increased risk of serious conditions such as obesity and type II diabetes. I'd thought about limiting my sugar intake before, but I rarely eat the obviously sugary foods such as candy, doughnuts, and sodas. (Fruit is allowed while on the detox - it's the processed and refined sugars that need to be cut out.) The real problem is that some form of sugar is added to so much of the food we eat, including wheat bread, pasta sauce, salad dressing, cereal, and granola or snack bars - all packaged foods. 

The purpose of the detox is to reset your tastebuds and, as the name suggests, allow your body to detox from an overload of sugar. I believe I was successful in that goal. I saw no drastic results, but I knew something was happening when my skin started to break out. As annoying as breakouts are, I learned from Sarah that breakouts are a common effect of the detox. Toxins that stemmed from the foods you were eating before are being released all at once and this shows up in the form of pimples. Knowing the detox was working made me much less irritated with my temporary skin issues. 

My takeaways and advice

In hindsight, the hardest part of being on this detox was starting. I bought the e-guide in January and didn't start until March, partly because I hate grocery shopping and partly because I had planned a trip to New York and didn't want to set myself up for failure. But once I started, I had fun with it. I made sure to take pictures of my meals and add them to Instagram Stories so I could be held accountable (and maybe also to show off a little bit). Even though I slipped once with a hard cider when I had friends over, I wasn't too hard on myself given how well I'd done overall. I just went right back to focusing on the detox recipes as planned.

Another challenge for me was to cook on a regular basis to avoid packaged foods, which requires time and planning. Luckily, the manual provides a great solution. I followed the 10-day meal plan and actually ended up not getting to every recipe because I often had leftovers. The only thinking I had to do was by choice, when I decided to substitute a different recipe for what was in the meal plan. In the future, if I'm having a particularly busy week, I may double the measurements of my favorite recipes to make them last longer and minimize my cooking time.

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Even though my first 10-day run has ended, I feel so good about it that I'm still trying to stick to a low-sugar lifestyle and plan to start the 10-day detox again in the future. I'm even thinking about working out, but that's a whole other mountain to climb. 

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